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Kids Learning Loft offers a variety of evidence-based services. We pride ourselves on the success of each of our learners and will only implement strategies that have been proven to be effective.

Social Skills Therapy

Weekend Sessions 


Social skills are the foundation of all learning. Without successful interactions with peers, children typically demonstrate marked global deficits in language/communication, academic, and socio-emotional skills. Our classes are curtailed for each learner's needs ranging in the early forms of social interactions to the more complex unspoken nuances of navigating the social world. Groups are formed based on age and skill level to maximize progress for each individual child in the group. Sessions involve teaching social competencies ranging in complexity from early forms of play skills such as turn taking to more sophisticated abstract skills including perspective taking and inference.

Why our program is unique and effective:

  • Data is collected on all individual goals to track performance. This allows us to make educated decisions based on REAL performance, not relying on anecdotal reports.

  • Our model incorporates typically developing children as peer models. An extensive part of learning is derived from modeling behaviors of our peers. Having an appropriate peer model increases the opportunities and success of learning appropriate skills GLOBALLY!

  • TYPICALLY DEVELOPING FAMILY MEMBERS AND/OR FRIENDS ARE WELCOME AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! We highly encourage the participation of children who are involved in your child's life as this will improve success beyond our sessions and into the natural setting.


Center Based and In-Home ABA Therapy

By Appointment Only


Our program uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is the most evidence-based scientific methodology available to teach and address a variety of needs. A team will be appointed to your family consisting of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and highly trained ABA therapists. The BCBA oversees your child's program (from assessment to program development) and supervises all team members to ensure consistency in therapy. Your child will receive an assessment, which will identify the areas of need. An individualized program is then designed consisting of a variety of domains ranging from behavioral, academic, social, language/communicative, to daily living skills.  

ABA therapists will implement programs and collect data on all goals. The BCBA will review and analyze performance and make necessary program modifications to ensure your child's continued success and progress. Parent training is also available and encouraged to assist in learning strategies to meet your child's needs and increase generalization of learned skills outside of therapeutic sessions.

Behavior Consultations and Evaluations 

By Appointment Only

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) specialize in both the design and implementation of behavior intervention strategies as well as individualized programming. A BCBA will conduct a functional behavior assessment to identify maladaptive behaviors. The assessment is then used to curtail the most appropriate and effective individualized intervention to directly address areas of concern. BCBA's can also conduct assessments for in home ABA programming to identify and prioritize areas of need.

Parent Training

By Appointment and Events


A BCBA will be appointed to your home team if you are receiving ABA services. All children thrive on consistency. Strategies used in sessions will be taught to family members to improve positive outcomes in the home outside of therapy sessions. Parents are encouraged to discuss issues they are experiencing with their child. The BCBA will help to prioritize goals and teach strategies to address those concerns.

Parent training is also available for families not seeking ABA therapy at this time.

Parent workshops are also provided. Workshops cover a variety of topics raised by parents. Sign up for our newsletter to stay current on workshop dates.

Incomplete Giraffe Puzzle

Logic Loft

An Early Learner's Day Program for Ages 2-4 Year Old


A comprehensive approach to building a strong foundation. Social skills are a pivotal skill that lead to the development of language, communication, and other important cognitive skills. Logic Loft is an early learners program that focuses on promoting socio-communicative skills that set the foundation needed for your child’s success.

  • Half-day program

  • Specialized social and language curriculum

  • 2:1 staff to child ratio

  • Learning through Play

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